Skyrim Best Thing to Smith for XP: Unlocking the Secrets of Skill Development

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Slaying dragons, exploring vast landscapes, and embarking on epic quests are all part of the exhilarating experience that is Skyrim. But what if we told you that there’s an often overlooked path to character development and XP gains? Enter the world of Smithing, where a keen eye for crafting the right items can skyrocket your experience points. In this article, we’ll guide you through the best items to smith for XP in Skyrim, helping you level up your character with expert precision.

Skyrim, the acclaimed open-world RPG developed by Bethesda Game Studios, offers players a rich and immersive experience in the fantastical realm of Tamriel. One vital aspect of character progression in Skyrim is the Smithing skill, which allows players to forge and improve weapons, armor, and other items. Not only does Smithing enhance your ability to create powerful gear, but it also presents an excellent opportunity to earn valuable experience points (XP) along the way.

Understanding Smithing XP in Skyrim

Before delving into the specifics of the best items to craft for XP, it’s crucial to understand how the Smithing skill and XP gains function in Skyrim. As you engage in Smithing activities, such as crafting or improving items, you accumulate XP based on the value of the item created or improved. This means that the more valuable the item, the more XP you’ll earn.

However, it’s important to note that XP gains in Smithing are also influenced by other factors such as the material used and any relevant Smithing perks you’ve acquired. By comprehending these mechanics, you can make informed choices to maximize your XP gains and level up your Smithing skill more efficiently.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Items to Smith for XP

To optimize your Smithing XP gains, it’s essential to consider several factors when selecting items to craft. One crucial factor is the value of the item. Items with higher values tend to yield more XP, providing a greater return on your crafting efforts.

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Additionally, the material used for crafting plays a pivotal role. Different materials have varying XP rewards, with rarer and more valuable materials often providing greater gains. It’s wise to invest in unlocking or acquiring materials that offer significant XP boosts, as this will expedite your journey towards mastery in Smithing.

Best Items to Smith for XP in Skyrim

Now that we understand the key factors influencing Smithing XP gains, let’s explore some of the best items to craft in Skyrim for maximum XP rewards. These items have proven to be highly efficient in terms of XP gain per material used, allowing you to level up your Smithing skill swiftly.

1. Dwarven Bows

Dwarven Bows are renowned for their high value-to-material ratio, making them an excellent choice for XP grinding. By combining Dwarven metal ingots and iron ingots, you can craft these bows that boast a high value and provide substantial XP gains. Collecting Dwarven metal ingots can be achieved by looting Dwemer ruins or smelting Dwemer metal scraps.

2. Jewelry

Crafting valuable jewelry items such as gold or silver rings and necklaces can be a lucrative endeavor in terms of both monetary value and XP gains. Precious gems, such as diamonds or emeralds, can be integrated into your creations for even higher values and increased XP rewards. Keep an eye out for gems while exploring mines or purchasing them from merchants.

3. Dragonplate Armor

Dragonplate Armor is not only a formidable choice for protection in Skyrim but also an excellent means of gaining Smithing XP. By utilizing dragon bones and dragon scales, which can be obtained from defeated dragons, you can forge this powerful armor while reaping significant XP rewards. Dragon hunting becomes a thrilling adventure with the added benefit of skill development.

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4. Daedric Weapons

Crafting Daedric weapons is a testament to your prowess in Smithing. While the material requirements are high, the XP gains are equally substantial. Daedric artifacts, such as ebony ingots and Daedra hearts, are necessary for forging these powerful weapons. Engaging in Daedric quests or exploring Daedric shrines can provide access to these rare materials.

5. Enchanted Gear

Another strategy for maximizing Smithing XP is to craft and improve enchanted gear. By combining valuable materials with enchanted items, you can enhance their properties while earning considerable XP. Seek out enchanted gear through quests, dungeons, or by disenchanting existing items to learn their enchantments and apply them to your creations.

6. Stalhrim Weapons and Armor

Stalhrim, a unique material found in the icy regions of Skyrim, offers a fantastic opportunity for Smithing XP gains. Crafting Stalhrim weapons and armor requires Stalhrim ore, which can be mined or obtained from fallen enemies in specific locations. The rarity of this material, combined with its high value, makes Stalhrim equipment an excellent choice for skill development.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How does the Smithing XP formula work?

The Smithing XP formula in Skyrim takes into account the value of the item crafted or improved. Higher-value items yield more XP, allowing you to level up your Smithing skill faster. However, other factors such as the material used and relevant perks also influence XP gains.

2. Can I increase Smithing XP gains with certain perks or enchantments?

Yes, certain perks in the Smithing skill tree, such as “Arcane Blacksmith” or “Daedric Smithing,” can enhance your Smithing XP gains. Additionally, utilizing enchanted gear that boosts Smithing can provide a further increase in XP rewards.

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3. Are there any other factors that affect Smithing XP gains?

Apart from the value of the item and relevant perks, the material used for crafting and improving items also impacts Smithing XP gains. Rarer and more valuable materials generally offer higher XP rewards.

4. Can I level up Smithing faster by using certain techniques or strategies?

Yes, by focusing on crafting high-value items like Dwarven Bows or Daedric weapons, utilizing valuable materials, and taking advantage of relevant perks, you can significantly expedite your Smithing skill development and level up faster.

5. Which materials are the most efficient for Smithing XP gains?

Materials such as Dwarven metal ingots, dragon bones, dragon scales, ebony ingots, Daedra hearts, and Stalhrim ore are known for their high value and substantial XP rewards. Gathering or acquiring these materials should be a priority for efficient Smithing XP gains.


In the vast world of Skyrim, mastering the art of Smithing is not only essential for creating powerful weapons and armor but also for gaining valuable experience points. By choosing the right items to craft, such as Dwarven Bows, jewelry, Dragonplate Armor, Daedric weapons, enchanted gear, and Stalhrim equipment, you can expedite your Smithing skill development while embarking on thrilling quests and adventures. So, venture forth, hone your crafting skills, and unlock the secrets of Skyrim’s best things to smith for XP. Your journey awaits!

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